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Redeem a Gift Certificate

Thank you for purchasing a gift certificate! Now it's time to make your wood art. Choose your stain and paint color from the choices below, then email me at In the email, include your gift certificate code and choices for stain and paint colors. Attach the photo you want to use (clear and in-focus) and send it on its way.

Ordering a piece for someone else as a gift or memorial? If you're not sure which colors to choose, tell me a little about their home decor or personal style. I can help you choose.

Under normal circumstances, your piece will be ready to ship or deliver locally within 2-3 weeks after I receive a usable photo. It may take closer to 4 weeks during November and December, since people like to order my pet portraits as holiday gifts.

Etsy Pets stain palette.png
2nd Etsy listing paint palette.png
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